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Newspaper article
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About Me

  • Founder Chairperson – Sanskar Educational Foundation Trust (12A & 80G) since 2014

  • Managing Director - Apna Admission Adda (a Unit of Roxie Consultancy & Services Private Limited) since 2021

  • Honorary Career Counselor, CCS University, Meerut since 2009

  • Associated With District Probation Office, Muzaffarnagar as Counseling Psychologist since 2018

  • Associated With District Employment Department, Hapur as Career Counselor for Vocational Courses since 2018


A Glimpse of My Engagements:

  1. Mission Shakti Campaign with District Administration Muzaffarnagar:

    • Collaborated with DM Muzaffarnagar for various counseling sessions, including career development in schools, empowerment programs for women, and sessions for marginalized communities.

    • These sessions aimed to empower various groups, including young school girls, transgender individuals, and victims of domestic violence. Notable sessions include live broadcasts, career development talks, and addressing women's issues.

    • Delivered impactful sessions with District Probation Officer, addressing topics like women's safety and empowerment.

  2. Partnerships with Akashwani Najibabad:

    • I have had the privilege to serve as a guest speaker on Akashwani Najibabad, where I contributed to programs focusing on exceptional work in the fields of yoga, career guidance, and counseling. I addressed the importance of yoga during the COVID-19 pandemic and shared insights on career development.

  3. Engagement with Leading Newspapers:

    • My collaboration with leading newspapers has enabled me to impact a broader audience.

    • Conducted numerous Guidance and Counseling programs under "Mission Aparajita" by Amar Ujala, promoting women's empowerment.

    • Led career counseling sessions in the "Udaan" program organized by Dainik Jagran, targeting meritorious students.

  4. Counseling Initiatives:

    • Organized mass career counseling seminars, distributed career counseling magazines, and conducted seminars in rural schools.

    • My work has often taken me to various educational institutions, where I've had the privilege to engage with students at different stages of their academic journeys. By conducting workshops, seminars, and one-on-one sessions, I've been able to create a space for open conversations about career goals and aspirations. Collaborating with schools, colleges, and universities has enabled me to share insights, answer questions, and provide guidance that students truly value.

  5. Scholarship, Recognition, and Support:

    • Orchestrated "Shikshak Samman Samaroh" to honor educators for their contributions in the field of education.

    • Empowering women through education has been a significant part of my journey. By facilitating access to government scholarships and fee waivers, I'm dedicated to breaking barriers and ensuring that women have equal opportunities in education and careers. This commitment reflects my belief in gender equality and the importance of diverse perspectives in all fields.

    • Conducted scholarship tests for economically disadvantaged students and supported women's education through government scholarships.

  6. Promotion of Yoga and Value Education:

    • Organized an extensive awareness drive “Yoga & Value Education Camp” in schools to bring awareness about yoga & Indian Values in students. These camps have been organized in around 150 schools so far in district Muzaffarnagar.

    • Led awareness campaigns, yoga camps, and district-level yogasana championships, impacting thousands of students and teachers.

  7. Community Health Initiatives:

    • My commitment to holistic development is evident in my engagement in health and well-being initiatives. I has organized health camps in rural areas, offering medical care and support to underserved communities. These initiatives highlight her holistic approach to personal and professional growth.Arranged health camps in rural areas with qualified medical professionals, catering to the healthcare needs of local communities.


Throughout my journey, I have positively impacted over 1,00,000 students and women through counseling sessions, empowered thousands through yoga awareness campaigns, contributed to educational upliftment, and provided healthcare support to over 5,000 individuals. 

Choosing the right educational institute is paramount, and my guidance centers offer expert advice, online counseling, and psychometric tests to uncover individual aptitudes and interests. I remain dedicated to fostering youth development and creating pathways to success.

My work has allowed me to touch lives, inspire dreams, and empower individuals to chart their own paths. Each step I take in this journey is driven by a passion to help others make informed decisions about their futures. It's not just about careers; it's about helping individuals discover their potential, embrace their passions, and embark on journeys that lead to personal fulfillment and professional success.




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822, 1st Floor, Circular Rd, Jat Colony, Civil Lines South, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh 251001, India

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”

- Buddha

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