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1. Sonder:

Sonder is defined as the sudden realization that you can never completely know a person. It’s when you start to understand that everyone around you has their own story that you might never get to know about. You realize that you can only get to know as much about a person as they’ll allow you to.

2. Hanker Sore:

This is an emotion most of us wouldn’t want to admit to feeling, but hanker score refers to the phenomenon of finding someone so attractive that it makes you feel angry at them for some reason. It differs from jealousy in the sense that it’s subtler and more subconscious. When you feel hanker sore, you don’t feel explicitly hostile or envious towards the person, but deep down inside, you can’t help but feel upset at their random stroke of luck for winning the genetic lottery.

3. Lachesism:

Have you ever felt the sudden desire to have something bad happen to you for no reason? Well, that feeling is what you call lachesism. It’s that deep, dark impulse most of us have, to be struck by tragedy and come out on the other side. It’s born out of our innate desire for challenge and growth, which pushes us to test the bounds of our courage and resilience.

4. Ellipsism:

Ellipsism is a feeling that people often misinterpret as curiosity or inquisitiveness, but really, it refers to a desire to understand the world and to know what will happen in the future. This is something most scientists, scholars, artists, and inventors can probably relate to, as many of them have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they might never get to see how history will turn out, how they’ll be remembered, and what legacy they may leave behind.

5. Mauerbauertraurigkeit:

Mauerbauertraurigkeit is defined as the sudden feeling of wanting to push people away and put your defenses back up. It often happens when we let our insecurities tell us we’re not good enough and feel afraid that if other people saw us for who we really were, they’d reject us.

6. Gnossienne:

Next is gnossienne, which is the feeling you get when you realize that you don’t actually know someone as well as you thought you did. It’s the realization that even your closest family and friends have a part of themselves that they hide from everyone else, a secret inner world that only they can know about.

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