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What is your parenting style?

Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, and Stanford researchers Eleanor Maccoby and John Martin found four major parenting styles-permissive, authoritative, uninvolved(or neglectful), and authoritarian. Here is a brief introduction to each type to help you understand your parenting style:

Permissive Parenting Style

  1. Caring, but not strict with rules

  2. Friendly parent-child relationship with open communication

  3. Children take decisions instead of following rules

  4. Parents have low expectations

  5. Children have poor self-control and are unable to follow rules

  6. As adults, children develop egocentric behavior and have relationship problems

Authoritative Parenting Style

  1. Responsive parents show both strictness and warmth

  2. Rules and expectations are clearly stated and justified

  3. Appropriate and open communication

  4. Happy and independent children with good self-esteem

  5. Kids develop good social skills and achieve academic success

  6. Children grow up to be responsible adults with good mental health

Uninvolved or Neglectful Parenting

  1. Neglectful parents show neither strictness nor warmth

  2. No specific discipline strategy and lack of communication

  3. Parents have no expectations from the children

  4. Children are impulsive and have difficulty regulating emotions

  5. Children develop mental health and behavioral problems

  6. Children may require support or help from others to survive

Authoritarian Parenting Style

  1. parents are controlling, strict, and not nurturing

  2. Stern discipline and punishment for not following rules

  3. High expectations with little flexibility

  4. Less independent and unhappy children

  5. Children become insecure with low self-esteem

  6. Poor academic and social skills in children with behavioral problems

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