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Positive Parenting Workshop

Positive impact on children by first positively impacting their parent

  • 1 hour
  • Price varies
  • School or Auditoriums

Service Description

Workshop Topics: * Parenting Styles and Decision Making *Knowing Yourself as a Parent * Children Need Families * Single Parenting * Listening and Responding to Children * Communicating with Teachers * Love is a Powerful Vitamin * Character, Conscience, and Values * Fostering Self-esteem * Encouraging Emotional Growth * Coping with Daily Stress & Frustrations * Dealing with Crisis and Trauma * Structure and Limits: Preventing and Managing Problem Behavior * Guiding Your Child's Behavior: Positive Discipline * Sibling Rivalry * Balancing Work and Family Life * Building Bridges between Parents and Child: A Substance Abuse Prevention Workshop * Helping Your Child Succeed in School * Promoting Nonviolent Solutions * Communication Skills fo