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Meenakshi Mittal
Principal- New Horizon School, Muzaffarnagar

We had an immense privilege of having Ms Samradhi Tyagi as the core speaker of our Parenting Seminar at New Horizon School. She is one of the best orator I have come through. She is calm and meticulous in nature but also has the passion and an urgency to identify strengths and weaknesses in people.
She understands the value of education but also recognizes the importance of values in life, which is reflected in the way she interacted everyone around her. She has been irreplaceable in my life; she has guided and touched all the hard times a student/parent go through with her counselling, helped parents to understand the changing scenarios of education. Her acceptance to be a core speaker has been beneficial not just for us, but for countless other people she interacted in past for many years. I have the utmost confidence that she is the very person who can bring positivity wherever she goes, and in turn make the world a better place.

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